CAT-tools, Term Bases & Translation Memories

Do you want to maintain consistency throughout your translated documents, ensuring a certain corporate wording with the use of a CAT tool, translation memories, and term bases combined with language style guides?
We will be happy to help you. Let us know exactly what your needs are.

What is a CAT Tool?

citationstegn CAT (Computer-assisted translation) does not refer to machine translation, but to translation done by human translators. It assists the translator in the translation processes involving correct use of terminology, maintaining consistency and proofreading, while providing quality assurance. It gives the translator the possibility to create translation memories, and term bases which can be used later on as reference material ensuring consistency in the usage of certain terms.

NPLtranslation uses several tools according to our customers’ requirements and/or depending on the file format of the source document, like Word, Excel, Pdf or InDesign.

Translation memory

A translation memory, or TM, is a database that automatically stores translated text segments during the translation process in order to aid human translators. The translation memory stores the source text and its corresponding translation in language pairs, which can be retrieve during the translation of new texts. It also gives the translator the possibility to search for the translation a particular word (concordance).

Term base

citationstegn A term base is created manually by a human translator, who can add individual terms during translation or at the end of the translation process. It also gives the translator the possibility to add a definition and/or grammatical information for that particular term.